Differences between 2 presentation types for uploading files

I am in the configuration of OpenRIMS for Cameroon.
In terms of the administrative part there are around 13 documents to complete. It is true that to date applicants put all the requested information in a single document. But with the arrival of OpenRIMS, the Ministry of Public Health wants a presentation with several documents each for a requirement.
I would like to know the difference between creating a dictionary per document and creating a dictionary with multiple lines of documents like in the attached photo.
How will reuse be managed since for the form of cosmetic products for example, certain documents will not be required
Thanks in advance

Hi Lancelot,
Welcome to the Forum!
You can make a dictionary Mandatory. I would suggest making an individual dictionary for each Mandatory document. And if you have several Optional documents then these can be put in a single dictionary.
We dont recommend reusing elements across workflows. Rather create a copy using Data Directory Export and Import and then make specific changes.
I hope this can assist in the configuration.

Thank you Kim for these recommendations. Little by little I am able to understand the architecture of the application.