Internal Reports configuration on OpenRIMS

Setting up Internal Reports in OpenRIMS

• What are internal reports in OpenRIMS?
OpenRIMS allows the system administrator to configure quick reports and assign the right to read these reports within the system.

• Types of reports in OpenRIMS?
The reports in OpenRIMS can be configured for both guest and host users for all workflows at any stage;

  1. Pending applications
  2. Approved applications
  3. Transitioned
  4. Deregistered

• Who can set up the reports in OpenRIMS
The reports in the OpenRIMS can be set by the system administrator.
The system administrator has the access in the system to add, edit, delete and update the data warehouse

• How to set up the reports in OpenRIMS
To set up report the user reports in OpenRIMS,

Log in as Administrator

  1. Go to configurations
  2. Click on reports
  3. Reports page will open up
    Click on add reports page, this will open up a reports configuration page as follows;

After filling in these URL and inputs, click on Save to save the report and then test it out from the guest or host users who have been given permission on the reports.

Finding the variable URL for the reports
It is important to find these URL from specific places to set up the reports. For any specific URL the system administrator is trying to find should look into the relevant workflow.
Let’s take an example of reports configured for approved wholesale in OpenRIMS
As it is a report on wholesale registration, we need to find the data configurator set for this workflow from data configurations.
Open the data configurator to look at the variables

After locating the wholesale registration workflow, based on the variable required for reports, we need to click on the variable to obtain the URL pointer used in these variables

The variables have the defined URL pointers we need for reporting, we simply copy the URL into the respective place in the reports configuration.