Messages - Labels setups

Messages are the cover text that changes variable names within the system. Massages make the labels in the system more readable. The messages can have the following functions;

  • Variable definition

The variable name can sometimes be used in short forms which can be confusing and not eligible for humans to read. Thus, using the messages to define the variable name with more human-readable labels improves the OpenRIMS user experience.

  • Informational message

As the variable name needs to be used in multiple locations which could be multiple workflow or Java expression language to fetch the input within the variable

Adding messages
The system administrator can add or remove messages in the OpenRIMS,

  • For this, the user needs to log in with administrator credentials

  • Go to configurations

  • Click on messages

  • Adding messages

  • Click on Add to add a message

Fill in the details as required

SN Particulars Values

  1.                    Res Key	     Variable name
  2.                     EN_US	     Label on English for variable name
  3.               NE_NP or Other local language	 Label on local language for variable name

Removing messages
It is not possible to remove the message at the current stage of development. But slightly changing the res_key will free the variable name for another message.